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Welcome to Our Medical Check-Up Center.

Al-Emirat Medical Services since its inception in 2012 has been providing quality medical services to Bangladeshi workers intending to work abroad with full compliance of the rules and regulation of the Government of Bangladesh and full satisfaction of the foreign employers. So far we have been providing medical services to the workers going to Singapore, Malaysia, Qatar, UAE, Iraq, Romania, Combodia, Fiji and all other Middle Eastern countries. Our medical center going to be enlisted with the Libyan Embassy to provide medical services to our workers traveling to Malaysia, Qatar, UAE, Iraq, Romania, Combodia, Fiji , Saudi Arabia & western countries.

The Center is located in Banani, Dhaka. It is well equipped and is manned by qualified professionals. The endeavors made by the management of the firm over the last few years has yielded dividend and the centre is now one of the best in its area of operations with a reputation for sustained high quality service.